The world is full of problems.

Problems create opportunity.

Bold People Solve Problems
and Capture Opportunities.

If that's you, read on.

Hi, I'm, Perry The Inventor, I've been inventing for a decades*.

Recently a thought hit me like a Mike Tyson punch in the face. I heard a voice in my head say, 

"One person can't solve the all of the world's problems. You must work with others."

I was shocked. Not like licking a 9 volt battery shocked. More like when Doc Brown hit his head on his sink and invented the Flux Capacitor shocked. This too was a big idea.

The next question was, "How?"

It's a tough question. How do you build a team of like minded entrepreneurial geniuses? A team of passionate people with Doc Brown Big Ideas, Liam Neeson Grit, and the Heart of Jack Black in School of Rock? We can't force people to be their best selves.

But we can show tried and true, often unconventional but efficient, methods for bringing ideas to market, prototyping, licensing, and launching.

The simple truth is the world needs more great ideas turned into products. When one inventor succeeds it is often good for all of us. I want you to succeed too.

*50+ US and Foreign Patents (virtually every one made money), but that's not important. the solution is important.

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